The OSS Foundation is focused on facilitating research and solution development pertaining to multidisciplinary work in key areas of human endeavor that pertain to our sustainable capacity, and the living systems of Earth.

John P. Reisman

To meaningfully communicate relevant issues in science to the public and policy makers. To analyze and determine the simplest solution possible for a given problem, or set of problems. To deliver efficient analysis and effective methods, tools, and systems, to accomplish the goals of given objectives.


We live in a world of complexity and chaos, where inter-dynamic systems have influences that are difficult to see. The law of unintended consequences drives us to understand these dynamics in order to avert potential problems. The ‘big picture’ is really many smaller pictures. Identifying and understanding stressors and potential stressors is critical to solution strategy. Understanding where synergies can be enhanced is critical to solution development.

Simplification is the new focus.

As complexities are discovered it becomes increasingly important to crystallize and simplify what things mean to our society and economy. If “for want of a nail the war was lost”, we need to know ‘where’ the nail is and ‘make sure’ it is in place, or ready to be replaced when needed. Simplification is the new focus. As understanding becomes increasingly important to society’s many challenges, we need to create relevant synergies to achieve mutual goals.

The OSS Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) corporation in the State of California.

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Rasmus Benestad

Rasmus Benestad

OSS Science Reviewer: Norwegian Meteorological Institute; R&D Division, Department of Model and Climate Analysis Oslo. Rasmus has been a major contributor to communicating climate science by assuring the message is not muddled. His work on RealClimate has been a major contribution to accurate science communications to help scientists and non-scientists to understand the physics and functions of climate science.

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Justin Lancaster

Justin Lancaster

OSS Science: Justin has a deep understanding of physics combined with an ability to integrate and generate new ideas. This combination enables foundational exploration of not only what science can describe now, but also where science can take us in the future to protect and enhance development. Justin holds a particular place in science history as an oceanographer that took the fight against disinformation in science to the highest levels. His integrity and courage have left an indelible and profound mark in the history of climate science and communication.

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Ralph Keeling

Justin Lancaster

OSS Science Reviewer: Ralph Keeling is professor of geochemistry in the Geosciences Research Division of Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego. Ralph remains dedicated to the science. His endeavors in testing for validity in physics continue to expand the knowledge base. Continually testing our understanding allows greater confidence in describing climate function. It is through scientific expertise in testing that we developing the picture our human understanding in physics.

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John Reisman

John Reisman

Founder of OSS Foundation: Focus in analysis and system science and critical global issues. For decades John has pushed for better communications in order to help people understand the things we hear from varied media outlets. Most importantly he is focused on assuring we get a more accurate understanding when media stories don’t get things right. Misinformation and disinformation is now omnipresent and proliferating through media systems and in social networks. Better understanding leads to better policy; and better policy leads to a better future.

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Monika Reisman

Monika Reisman

Administrative Director: Monika is an expert at making things work. Running the Swiss Center for Emergency, Disaster and Recuse Medicine has demonstrated her solid ability to formulate a programatic approach to problem solving and managing complex projects. Navigating the varied interests between hospitals, emergency services, military and government, she continues to find news paths forward.

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