What We Can Do About Global Warming

Often when someone realizes that climate is an important issue and that human-kind is influencing the climate, the next obvious question arises. What can we do? Here are some simple steps and considerations that we can all do to help.

what we can do earth pictureWhat we can do earth picture. You are here.

Earth from Mars

Individual awareness is directly associated with ones actions regarding that understanding. Here are some basic things we all can participate in:

  • Reduce Consumption
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Encourage Transition to Renewable/Sustainable Energy

To accomplish this we need to pay attention to:

  1. Education/Awareness
  2. Meaningful Policy (best possible mitigation)
  3. Adaptation Planning

Analysis from security agencies worldwide indicate that the more we work together as a community in addressing these pressing needs, the greater our potential for success in achieving progress.

Essentially we need to pay attention to two critical components:

  • Resource Economy
  • Monetary Economy

It is individual awareness that will help in the political arena. An informed electorate allows policy makers to address those informed concerns. There are three ways you can participate easily in this process:

  1. Talk to Your Friends
  2. Sign the Climate Lobby Petition 
  3. Contact Your Representatives

We are all in this together as individuals, as people and as nations. We need to work at the local levels and encourage our leaders to work at the national and international level in order to secure our economy to create the best possible future we can achieve.

Let us hope we soon embrace the challenge appropriately.