Medieval Warm Period

Was the earth warmer during the ‘Medieval Warm Period’ than now? No. Regional temperatures do not represent the global temperature. The Medieval Warm Period (MWP) temperature graphs that people use to claim otherwise, do not represent the global average temperature.

Medieval warm period based on limited data does not show global picture.

MWP region temps. Not global.

It is clear that there was an increase in temperature which is considered the medieval warm period, but the regional temperatures were not higher than the global temperature during that period. Regional does not mean global.

Medieval Warm Period


I heard that it was warmer during the Medieval Warm Period (MWP) that it is today?

NH Temperature Reconstructions


No. The above image represents a regional temperature, not the global temperature. Local or regional temperatures do not represent the Global Mean Temperature (GMT), aka. the global average temperature (at or within a given time parameter).

The image below is a graph of the various temperature proxies that represent the global mean temperature. It is clear that there was a warm period about 1000 years ago. But it certainly was not warmer than today.

IPCC Temperature Reconstruction (Including MBH1999 “The Hockey Stick”)

Updated Temperature Graphs:



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