Energy & Environment

While there are multiple definitions of economics, we focus on a wide scope definition. 

‘The balance of systems and methods.’

There are multiple complexities in attempting to identify the ‘best’ policy to address global warming. 

Key proposals include a ‘Fee & Dividend’ carbon tax; and trading carbon credits.

Other ideas include direct policy interventions.

Applications of methods can upset existing economic capacity for lower income, middle income in a manner which  impacts ability to function and maintain needed econimic functions.

Two key ideas are needed to be accepted to achieve a better policy to attain balance and enable sustainable economic function.

One is that enough people understand the need for policies that reduce carbon fule usage and support safe and reneable energy sources. This requires a strong enough communication plan that can deliver the message through channels that skeptics on board.  

The second idea ensuring policies do not disrupt normative economic funtion for those areas of teh economy that are most vulnerable to negative impacts.