American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting OSS Talks: Monday – Effectively Communicating Climate Science (How to Address Related Issues); Friday – Climate Confluence Issues (Energy, Environment, Economics, Security)

Temp anomalies Oct 2011 - 201109

Land Ocean Temp Anomalies 10/2011

These session abstracts were written by John P. Reisman and co-convened by Don Wuebbles. The purpose is to highlight perspectives in climate communications in order to understand both challenges in communicating climate change as well as examine the way forward for better communications. The Friday talks are designed around relevance issues including national security perspectives from Germany, the United States and the basis for the security question which goes to changes in the hydrological system which impacts our food supply.

The point is that the science community is well aware of the impacts and future impact potentials regarding current and continued climate change due to global warming. The main point is that all these issues related to security and economic stability. The science is very clear on the major forcings, evidence and physics. The implications are the security of our economy. Waiting to institute meaningful policy merely increases the cost to our economy.

American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting OSS Talks

OSS Monday Talks: Effectively Communicating Climate Science (How to Address Related Issues)

John P. Reisman: Context and Relevance in Climate Communications

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Time Key for Speakers on ‘Climate Confluence Issues’ Panel:

  • 1:50 – Christopher Field: Ecosystem and Food Security in A Changing Climate
  • 18:50 – Guy Brasseur: Projected Climate Change and Regional Security
  • 36:00- John P. Reisman: Navy Task Force Climate Change Security Issues
  • 42:20 – John P. Reisman: Overview of Climate Confluence Security Issues (CIA, DNI/NIA, DOD/OSD)
  • 50:00 – Q&A